Monday, 17 November 2008

Caring celebrities: Shakira

To inaugurate this new section about celebrities who get involved, I´ve chosen Shakira who, from the beginning of her career has worked to raise awareness and helping others. Her work has focused on children in Latin America, as she believes that education is the best weapon against poverty. In 1995, she created the organization Pies descalzos, that works with children in Colombia, her native country. Recently, along many other latin famous people, she has created the Fundación ALAS. This foundation appears in the media continuously. Clearly, having so many famous faces fighting poverty makes the public's interest in these problems grow. In the last couple of weeks, the foundation has appeared in the newspapers because Shakira and Alejandro Sanz spoke at the closing ceremony of the XVIII Ibero-American Summit to talk about ALAS´ plans to improve early education in Latin America.
Although we don´t all have the same media power as these celebrities, we can work together to ensure that their ideas are carried out and the results they are looking for are realized. Volunteering, child sponsorships, donations, telling our friends about the problems and campaigns... The list of things that we can do is long.

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