Monday, 3 November 2008


Kim and Matt´s idea to use cloth bags, not plastic, when they go to the supermarket, made me think. I had already heard, as in passing, how bad plastic is for the environment and how long it takes to degrade. According to "The UN Environment Program, conducted a study that analyzed and photographed thousands of miles of seas and oceans of the planet. The conclusion is terrible: in each square kilometer of seawater there are 18 thousand items of plastic debris floating. "
While it´s already possible to make biodegradable plastic from plant products, it´s not produced in large quantities because it´s still more expensive than producing plastic from oil. So it´s in our hands to make the use of plastics more environmentally friendly. Plastic is everywhere so it´s hard to avoid it altogether, but there are some things we can do. We can re-use it, for example, using grocery bags as garbage bags, using the same bag several times when we go shopping ... But, as always, the best option is to reduce its use. Besides taking a cloth bag to the supermarket, we could use glass containers in the kitchen, linen curtains for the shower and so on. When buying something, we can also choose the products that use less plastic wrappings, as most of the time these are unnecessary. We may even make companies change their ways so start reducing plastic and begin to reduce the use of this harmful material.

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Octubre said...

Desde hace mucho tiempo reciclo, papel, plastico, vidrio, pilas, medicamentos... pero ahora me estoy mentalizando para reducir, sobre todo papel y plastico, aprovechandolo al maximo y convirtiendolo en habitp