Thursday, 2 October 2008

The crisis

Some people have suggested that I write about the benefits of the crisis. I know that, unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs, their homes, their savings... I don´t want to be disrespectful to these people, but I do believe that the crisis can bring us good things. As with everything, we just need to learn from it.
I hope that this crisis make us realize that greed does not lead us anywhere good and that sometimes in life, less is, indeed, more. We should learn to live with less and still be happier.
The crisis may mean cutting down on how many times you go out for dinner. Let´s enjoy a home-cooked meal with family or friends. If we cannot use the car as often, let´s enjoy a walk around our neighbourhood and discover it all over again. If we cannot buy so many clothes, let´s alter some we already have so we enjoy them for longer.
These are just some examples (very simple, perhaps silly) of what we can learn from a bad time.

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