Monday, 6 October 2008


Although I should be used to it, I am still amazed when I realize that we don’t have seasonal products anymore. We now have everything all year round. It makes me sad in September. I remember those childhood summers spent at my grandmother’s, who had a small planting of strawberries. All summer I would dream of the delicious strawberries that would come in September. When the seasonal strawberries hit supermarkets now… Sure, they taste good, but they are not the special treat they use to be when I had to wait for them.
Some time ago I bought the Nigel Slater’s book, The kitchen diaries, a part cookbook and part diary where the author tells us about the food he loves and offers us recipes with seasonal produce for every month of the year. Those who know me know that I do not cook much, but I’m going to use the book next year to rediscover what each season brings me, so I can get seasonal products at the supermarket.
That way, I’ll be helping local farmers, saving on air miles and eating "more natural" fruit and vegetables.This will also mean eating healthier, as seasonal fruit and vegetables grown naturally are richer in vitamins than those grown artificially.

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Mizz Jenna said...

I love strawberries! there is nothing like supporting local farmers. It is a great way to help the enviroment. Plus the fruits or veggies are much better from local farms. =)